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Bayesian methods for clumped isotope paleothermometry

What is bayclumpr?

To support the use of Bayesian models and the analytical framework developed in Román-Palacios et al. (2022) for clumped isotope calibration and for temperature reconstructions, and to facilitate comparisons of Bayesian and classical models, we present a self-contained R package and associated Shiny Dashboard application, bayclumpr and BayClump, respectively. bayclumpr (and BayClump) fits both frequentist and Bayesian linear regressions to calibration datasets and performs temperature reconstructions under both frameworks. You can find more details on how to use bayclumpr in this website.

What is BayClump?

BayClump is an associated Shiny Dashboard application that is associated with the bayclumpr R package. All the functions implemented in BayClump are sourced from bayclumpr. We eveloped BayClump to allow users with less coding experience to be able to access standarized resources to calibrate and derive reconstructions using clumped isotope datasets. You can access BayClump directly from here.

Installing bayclumpr

The latest version of bayclumpr can be installed directly from our GitHub repository using the following lines of code from R



Please see our contributing guide.


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